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National attribution of historical climate damages

Use of the data from this website is open to the research public. Please consider crediting Callahan and Mankin, Climatic Change, 2022 ( when using data from this website.

A quantification of the economic damages caused by the warming from individual countries' greenhouse gas emissions

This website produces downloadable visualizations and data that come from "National attribution of historical climate damages," published in Climatic Change by Christopher W. Callahan and Justin S. Mankin (

Here, using three distinct types of greenhouse gas emissions accounting schemes, you can visualize estimates of either:

  1. the economic damage caused by the temperature change from a chosen country's historical greenhouse gas emissions to every other country, called the "Emitter country" view.
  2. the economic damage suffered by a chosen country due to the temperature change caused every other country's historical greenhouse gas emissions, called the "Claimant country" view.
In each case, a set of downloadable maps and an associated .csv file will be provided giving the damages caused ("Emitter country") or suffered ("Claimant country") under the three distinct emissions accounting schemes the analysis considered:
  1. Territorial emissions from 1990-2014: These are emissions that occurred within a country due to the goods and services it produced between 1990 and 2014.
  2. Consumption emissions from 1990-2014. These are emissions that occurred due to the goods and services a country consumed between 1990-2014 (i.e., territorial emissions adjusted for international trade of goods and services).
  3. Territorial emissions from 1960-2014. These are emissions that occurred within a country due to the goods and services it produced between 1960 and 2014.

*Note that we only present damage attributions that are statistically significant given the sources of uncertainty. Effects that are not statistically significant are shown as 0. Furthermore, not all countries have consumption-based emissions data, or economic data going back to 1960. Those countries will have blank cells in the .csv file and will be rendered in grey in the maps.

If you'd like to access the underlying code used to produce the data and figures, you can find it here:

Click the radio button for either 'Emitter country' view or 'Claimant country' view and then choose a country from the list. Then click 'Submit' to retrieve the visualizations and data.


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