Downloadable layered and 3D PDFs

Despite the 1823 fire, St. Paul’s Basilica still retains a number of sculpted objects that pre-date the rogue – some are in their original location, others have been moved elsewhere. The following selections of objects have been photogrammetrically modeled by “collaging” dozens of purposely made photographs with the software called Agisoft PhotoScan. The results are 3D PDF files that average 15MB each.

Adobe Acrobat or another 3D PDF viewer is necessary to view the models on your computer. Download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (version 2018). Download 3D PDFs, choose to open with Adobe Reader Edit > Preferences > 3D & Multimedia, click the check box to "Enable playing of 3D content." Click thumbnails below to download files.

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A Layered PDF plan and section of the basilica over time (1st– 21st century)

Statue of St. Bridget (1599 with later alterations)

Fragment likely from the monastic coat of arms atop the altar in the apse (1599)

Northwestern capital of ciborium

Northeastern capital of the ciborium

Southeastern capital of the ciborium

Southwestern capital of the ciborium

Angel supporting a volute from the altar in the apse (1599)

Cherub possibly from the pediment of a niche in the apse (1599)

Angel formerly supporting the coat of arms atop the altar in the apse (1599)

Thirteenth-century wood crucifix

Statue of Pope Boniface IX (ca. 1400)

Fragmentary capital from the original atrium (ca. 400)

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