Interactive walkthroughs

These interactive walkthroughs can be downloaded for use on a Mac, PC, or HTC Vive VR Headset. They immerse the user into the basilica of the year 1823—the eve of the destructive fire. The files were created with a software called “Unity,” which is generally used to create videogames and other Virtual Reality experiences. In the case of the Mac and PC walkthroughs, a user navigates through the building using the following buttons on a keyboard:

WASD – to move forward, left, back and right, respectively
C – to move down
Space bar – to move up
L – to toggle between color and grayscale
Esc – to exit the walkthrough
Additionally, the touch-pad or mouse directs the camera angle

Please note: It is important to select an appropriate resolution depending on your computer’s graphics card.

Download for Mac | Download for PC | Download for VR Headset*

*For HTC Vive, download and unzip Then open the folder bas_vr and run bas_vr.exe. It runs only on a Windows machine set up with the Vive headset and has only been tested on the HTC Vive VR System, not the VIVE Pro.
Before donning the VR headset, familiarize yourself with the hand controller. Pointing the controller and pulling the trigger will make you accelerate in the direction you are pointing. Tap the trigger at first or you will find yourself lost in space! On each side of the controller there is a grip button. Squeezing either of these increases the drag -- putting the brakes on your motion. If you need to back up, point back over your shoulder and tap the trigger.
To exit the program, press ESC on the keyboard.

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