Select 360˚ panoramas of the basilica in 1823

Ten vantage points were selected within the digital model of the 1823 basilica to provide a sense of the building on the eve of the destructive fire. These files are “360jpgs” that were created with a software called Unity and a 360˚ panorama plug-in. For more information on these Virtual Reality (VR) views, click on the information icon at the lower left. To select color views, instead of grayscale, click “color” then select the desired vantage point. Each view can be experienced in “full screen mode” by clicking on the icon at the lower right.

The touch-pad or mouse directs the camera angle. To exit the panorama, press Escape.

Nave, floor level
Nave, elevated
Columns in nave
Transept, elevated
Transept, higher
Outdoors, elevated
Length of nave, elevated

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