Map of Imports and Exports by Nation, 2000-2022
This is a map of imports and exports between specific "target" nations and three countries we chose to observe trade flows for before, during, and after wartime periods. Trade values are denominated in millions of US dollars, and proportional values are scaled accordingly for each selected dataset. Given the range of trade values, from $10,000 exported to France in 2021 to $25 million exported to China in 2020, it was impractical to display all values with similar scale. These scaling values can be found below the map.

Important information on scaled trade values

Due the differences in the magnitude of trade values between Afghanistan, Syria, and Ukraine with their shared trading partners, the authors of this map scaled the proportional symbols to be more visible. The true value of trade, exports or imports, can be viewed by pausing the animation and clicking on the symbol of interest.

Scaled Values: