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Creating a web site in your RStor (AFS) account

(legacy information only)

  1. All RStor accounts are created with a public_html folder with appropriate permissions to allow the web server on rcweb (aka caligari) to read it. rcweb is aware of all RStor accounts, so your URL would be http://rcweb.dartmouth.edu/~USERNAME/ or http://rcweb.dartmouth.edu/homes/USERNAME/
    If your account does not have a public_html folder, ask Research Computing for assistance.

  2. Create a top-level web page named index.html using any editor or web page creation tool. Don't try to log in directly to rcweb - just edit your pages on any convenient computer with AFS. rcweb is a protected machine in access group http_server, which is how we can give it permission to read your web files without making them completely public access.

  3. Each account also has a DartmouthShare folder, with access controls set to require NetID Single Signon (CAS + DUO) credentials from anyone at Dartmouth. This makes for an easy way to securely share files with other Dartmouth users who do not have accounts on the shared storage, but without making them public. Automatic indexing is also enabled on this folder. The URL would be: https://rcweb.dartmouth.edu/~USERNAME/DartmouthShare/