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Interactions between multiple signals: coherence and other connectivity measures


  • Develop an intuition for what determines the coherence between two signals
  • Employ some different methods of estimating coherence to appreciate the tradeoffs involved
  • Understand the main limitations of the coherence measure, along with a sketch of advanced methods that attempt to address them


  • (background reading, a brief review) Fries (2005) Communication through coherence paper
  • (optional, a nice example application) deCoteau et al. (2007) hippocampus-striatum coherence changes with learning


So far, our analysis has been limited to single local field potentials, or phrased more generally, univariate time series. In this module we consider basic methods for characterizing the relationship between simultaneously recorded LFPs. Two such signals could in principle be completely unrelated (independent) or display various forms of coordination, such as transient synchronization in a specific frequency band.

Characterizing and quantifying relationships between different signals, recorded from anatomically related areas in the brain, is an important tool in systems and cognitive neuroscience. Much evidence supports the idea that the effective flow of information along a fixed anatomical projection can be dynamically regulated, for instance by emphasizing bottom-up rather than top-down inputs in a task-related manner.

One possible mechanism for this routing of information is “communication through coherence” and its many variants (Fries, 2005) which propose that effective connectivity depends on the degree to which two areas exhibit coherent oscillatory activity. In this module we define LFP coherence, explore its properties, and apply it to some example data.

Coherence is an inherently symmetric measure, i.e. it cannot distinguish whether A influences B or the other way around. To address the directionality question, we also explore Granger causality and phase slopes.

Coherence: definition

Let's start by considering how two oscillating signals may be related. (We will treat the more general case of non-periodic signals later.) One can imagine various possible relationships between the two, such as illustrated here (From Siegel et al. 2012):

Recall that oscillations of a given frequency are characterized by their amplitude and phase. The bottom left panel shows a case in which the amplitudes of two signals are correlated, as can be seen from the signal envelopes in red.

The top two panels show examples of two signals whose phases are related. The signals in the top left panel have the same phase at any given point in time; this situation is often referred to as synchrony. In the top right panel, the phases are not the same at every point, but there is a constant phase relationship (one signal is shifted relative to the other).

An intuitive definition of the coherence between two signals (at a given frequency) is the extent to which two signals display a consistent phase relationship. It is 0 if the phases are completely unrelated, and 1 if the phase relationship is identical at every time point. Thus, both top row panels show signals that are coherent. The zero phase shift “synchrony” in the top left is a special case of the more general idea of “coherence”.

☛ Are the two signals in the lower left panel coherent?

Diversion: the Wiener-Khinchin theorem

We would like to capture formally the coherence between two signals as illustrated above. To do so, it is useful to gain an intuition for another piece of Fourier theory, the Wiener-Khinchin theorem. This theorem (essentially) states that the Fourier transform of a given signal's autocorrelation corresponds to the Fourier transform of the signal itself. This can be illustrated by plotting the autocorrelation function of a periodic signal:

Fs = 500; dt = 1./Fs;
t = [0 2]; tvec = t(1):dt:t(2)-dt;
f1 = 8;
data1 = sin(2*pi*f1*tvec)+0.1*randn(size(tvec));
[acf,lags] = xcorr(data1,100,'coeff');
lags = lags.*(1./Fs); % convert samples to time
plot(lags,acf); grid on;

The autocorrelation has the same periodicity as the original signal (8Hz, so peaks 0.125s apart). So, its Fourier transform would result in a spectral decomposition with a strong 8Hz peak.

The key step underlying the formal definition of coherence is to take the Fourier transform, not of the autocorrelation function as above, but of the cross-correlation function between two signals.

If two signals have a consistent phase relationship at a given frequency, this will show up in the cross-correlation:

f2 = 8;
data2 = sin(2*pi*f2*tvec+pi/4)+0.1*randn(size(tvec)); % phase-shifted version of data1
[ccf,lags] = xcorr(data1,data2,100,'coeff'); % now a cross-correlation
lags = lags.*(1./Fs); % convert samples to time
plot(lags,ccf); grid on;

Note that the xcorr no longer has a peak at time lag zero, as is the case for an autocorrelation. Rather, the peak is offset by an amount corresponding to the phase difference between the two signals. The correlation at this phase offset is nearly 1, indicating a strong correlation; in other words, signal 1 is very similar to signal 2 some time later; the xcorr is periodic at 8Hz as above. The Fourier transform of this xcorr would thus have a strong coefficient for 8Hz, but the phase for this component would be different from the autocorrelation.

☛ Verify that changing the phase shift in data2 indeed changes the phase of the cross-correlogram.

The Fourier spectrum of the cross-correlation function is known as the cross-spectrum or cross-spectral density (csd).

Definition and example

Now we are ready for the formal definition of coherence (full name: “magnitude-squared coherence”) between two signals x and y:

$$ C_{xy} = \frac{\lvert{P_{xy}}\rvert^2}{P_{xx}P_{yy}} $$

that is, the cross-spectrum $P_{xy}$ normalized by the auto-spectra of the two signals. $|x|$ indicates the modulus (magnitude) of $x$, so for now we are ignoring the angle (phase) component of the cross-spectrum.

Let's see this definition in action:

plot(tvec,data1,'r',tvec,data2,'b'); legend({'signal 1','signal 2'});
title('raw signals');
[Pxx,F] = pwelch(data1,hanning(250),125,length(data1),Fs);
[Pyy,F] = pwelch(data2,hanning(250),125,length(data1),Fs);
plot(F,abs(Pxx),'r',F,abs(Pyy),'b'); xlim([0 100]);
xlabel('Frequency (Hz)'); ylabel('power'); title('PSD');
[Pxy,F] = cpsd(data1,data2,hanning(250),125,length(data1),Fs);
plot(F,abs(Pxy)); xlim([0 100]);
xlabel('Frequency (Hz)'); ylabel('power'); title('cross-spectrum');
[acf,lags] = xcorr(data1,data2,100,'coeff');
lags = lags.*(1./Fs); % convert samples to time
plot(lags,acf); grid on;
xlabel('time lag (s)'); ylabel('correlation ({\itr})'); title('xcorr');

Note that the cross-spectrum Pxy is computed by a special function, cpsd(), which takes the familiar arguments of window, overlap, nFFT, and Fs.

You should get:

Notice that the cross-spectrum has a clear peak at 8Hz as expected.

☛ What happens if you change the amplitude of one of the input signals? Make the amplitude of data1 twice as large.

As you can see, the cross-spectrum depends on the amplitude of the input signals. This is usually not what we want when analyzing brain signals, because the amplitude at any given time could depend on the electrical properties of our electrode and the precise recording location relative to a source of interest. Thus, coherence normalizes the cross-spectrum by the spectra of the individual signals.

☛ For the two signals of unequal amplitude, compute the coherence by normalizing the cross-spectrum (C = (abs(Pxy).^2)./(Pxx.*Pyy);). Verify that now there is no change in coherence when scaling data1 by a factor 2 as above.

This normalization means that coherence should theoretically be independent of signal amplitude. However, in practice we have noise to worry about: if the signal becomes small enough, the phases will be corrupted by noise.

☛ Find out how small you need to make data1 relative to the noise before a drop in coherence occurs.

Instead of computing the coherence manually from the cross-spectrum and the individual spectra, we can also use mscohere(), which takes the same arguments. An example follows in the next section. However, a useful property of cpsd() is that it can be used to obtain the phase of the cross-spectrum, i.e. the phase lag (or lead) between the two signals.

☛ Instead of plotting the modulus (abs() in the above), plot the angle (angle()) of the cross-spectrum. Verify that it recovers the phase lag used in generating the two signals.

☛ Important! Can (absolute) coherence be interpreted as evidence for a directional relationship such as “A leads B” or “A causes B”? What about the angle?

Properties of the coherence measure

Example 1

Thinking about coherence in terms of the cross-correlation between the signals is often helpful in interpreting coherence values. For instance, it can explain why two signals that have an 8Hz component in their power spectra are not necessarily coherent:

%% just verify some cases where we break the phase relationship
f = 0.5; % freq modulation (Hz) 
f2 = 8;
m = 4; % freq modulation strength
wsz = 250; % window size 
s2 = data2;
plot(tvec,s2,tvec,data1); title('signal 1 - constant phase');
s3 = sin(2*pi*f2*tvec + m.*sin(2*pi*f*tvec - pi/2)) + 0.1*randn(size(tvec));
plot(tvec,s3,tvec,data1); title('signal 2 - varying phase');
[Ps2,F] = pwelch(s2,hanning(wsz),wsz/2,length(data2),Fs);
plot(F,abs(Ps2)); title('PSD');
[Ps3,F] = pwelch(s3,hanning(wsz),wsz/2,length(data2),Fs);
plot(F,abs(Ps3)); title('PSD');
[C,F] = mscohere(data1,s2,hanning(wsz),wsz/2,length(data1),Fs); % shortcut to obtain coherence
plot(F,C); title('coherence'); xlabel('Frequency (Hz)');
[C,F] = mscohere(data1,s3,hanning(wsz),wsz/2,length(data1),Fs);
plot(F,C); title('coherence'); xlabel('Frequency (Hz)');
[acf,lags] = xcorr(data1,s2,100,'coeff');
lags = lags.*(1./Fs); % convert samples to time
plot(lags,acf); grid on;
xlabel('time lag (s)'); ylabel('correlation ({\itr})'); title('xcorr');
[acf,lags] = xcorr(data1,s3,100,'coeff');
lags = lags.*(1./Fs); % convert samples to time
plot(lags,acf); grid on;
xlabel('time lag (s)'); ylabel('correlation ({\itr})'); title('xcorr');

This should give something like:

In the left column we have two signals with a constant phase relationship, so the cross-correlation has large values (we can predict one signal from the other with high accuracy). In the right column, we have a frequency-modulated signal, such that the phase relationship with the reference (8Hz) signal is much more variable. Accordingly, the cross-correlation values are much smaller (note the scale) and therefore the coherence at 8Hz is much lower compared to the left side as well.

The coherence measure is subject to the same estimation tradeoffs and issues that we encountered previously for spectral estimation in general. These include sensitivity to window size and shape, and the number of windows used for averaging. As you can see from the above plot, our coherence measure looks quite noisy.

☛ Increase the length of the data generated for analysis to 10s instead of 2s and recompute the coherence. What do you notice?

cpsd and mscohere use Welch's method of overlapping windows for spectral estimation. Thus, the robustness of the resulting estimate depends critically on the number of windows used. The coherence estimate should clean up somewhat as you increase the data length.

Example 2

Consider the following pair of signals:

wsize = 50;
Fs = 500; dt = 1./Fs;
t = [0 2];
tvec = t(1):dt:t(2)-dt;
f1 = 40; f2 = 40;
% generate some strange sine waves
mod1 = square(2*pi*4*tvec,20); mod1(mod1 < 0) = 0;
mod2 = square(2*pi*4*tvec+pi,20); mod2(mod2 < 0) = 0;
data1 = sin(2*pi*f1*tvec); data1 = data1.*mod1 + 0.01*randn(size(tvec));
data2 = sin(2*pi*f2*tvec); data2 = data2.*mod2 + 0.01*randn(size(tvec)) ;
plot(tvec,data1,'r',tvec,data2,'b'); legend({'signal 1','signal 2'});
title('raw signals');
[P1,F] = pwelch(data1,hanning(wsize),wsize/2,length(data2),Fs);
[P2,F] = pwelch(data2,hanning(wsize),wsize/2,length(data2),Fs);
plot(F,abs(P1),'r',F,abs(P2),'b'); title('PSD');
[C,F] = mscohere(data1,data2,hanning(wsize),wsize/2,length(data1),Fs);
plot(F,C); title('coherence'); xlabel('Frequency (Hz)');
[ccf,lags] = xcorr(data1,data2,100,'coeff');
lags = lags.*(1./Fs); % convert samples to time
plot(lags,ccf); grid on;
xlabel('time lag (s)'); ylabel('correlation ({\itr})'); title('xcorr');

Note that the two signals both have 40Hz components in the PSD, but the times at which the 40Hz oscillation is present do not actually overlap between the two signals. With a window size of 50 samples (100ms) we accordingly do not see any coherence at 40Hz. If you look at the cross-correlation, there is nothing much different from zero in that 100ms window.

☛ What happens when you change the window size to 500ms?

This pair of signals is clearly a pathological case, but it should be clear that coherence estimates can depend dramatically on the window size used. In this case, the larger window connects the two signals that do not actually overlap in time, causing “spurious” coherence values.

Other points about coherence

  • Note that coherence is a symmetric measure, that is, the coherence for signals A and B is the same as that for B and A. This means that, as with a correlation coefficient, coherence has no sense of directionality. It cannot resolve whether A precedes or causes B, or vice versa.

Application to real data

Overall comparison of vStr-vStr and vStr-HC coherence

Let's load three simultaneously recorded LFPs, two from the same structure (but a different electrode, both in ventral striatum) and one from a different but anatomically related structure (hippocampus):

cfg = []; 
cfg.fc = cat(2,ExpKeys.goodGamma(1:2),ExpKeys.goodTheta(1));
cfg.label = {'vStr1','vStr2','HC'};
csc = LoadCSC(cfg);
csc = restrict(csc,ExpKeys.TimeOnTrack(1),ExpKeys.TimeOffTrack(2)); % restrict to task

Next we can compute the PSDs for each signal in the familiar manner, as well as the coherence between signal pairs of interest:

Fs = csc.cfg.hdr{1}.SamplingFrequency; 
wsize = 2048;
nS = length(csc.label);
for iS = 1:nS
    [P{iS},F{iS}] = pwelch(getd(csc,csc.label{iS}),hanning(wsize),wsize/2,2*wsize,Fs);
    for iS2 = iS+1:nS
        [C{iS,iS2},Fc{iS}] = mscohere(getd(csc,csc.label{iS}),getd(csc,csc.label{iS2}),hanning(wsize),wsize/2,2*wsize,Fs);
% plot
cols = 'kgm';
for iS = 1:nS
h(iS) = plot(F{iS},10*log10(P{iS}),cols(iS),'LineWidth',2); hold on;
set(gca,'XLim',[0 150],'XTick',0:25:150,'FontSize',12); grid on;
legend(h,csc.label,'Location','Northeast'); legend boxoff;
xlabel('Frequency (Hz)'); ylabel('Power (dB)'); 
subplot(122); clear h;
h(1) = plot(Fc{1},C{1,2},'LineWidth',2); hold on;
h(2) = plot(Fc{1},C{1,3},'r','LineWidth',2);
set(gca,'XLim',[0 150],'XTick',0:25:150,'FontSize',12); grid on;
legend(h,{'vStr1-vStr2','vStr1-HC'},'Location','Northeast'); legend boxoff;
xlabel('Frequency (Hz)'); ylabel('Coherence');

This should give:

You can see that the PSDs show the profile characteristic for each structure: HC has a clear theta peak, which is just about visible as a slight hump in vStr. vStr has large gamma components absent from HC.

The coherence between the to vStr signals is high overall compared to that between vStr and HC. The vStr gamma frequencies are particularly coherent within the vStr. This is what we would expect from plotting the raw signals alongside each other – there is a clear relationship, as you can readily verify.

However, it is more difficult to interpret if, say, a vStr-HC coherence value of 0.1 at 25Hz is meaningful. Such comparisons are easier to make by moving to FieldTrip.

Comparison of vStr-HC coherence between experimental conditions

Based on previous work (e.g. van der Meer and Redish, 2011) we might ask: is the coherence between hippocampus and ventral striatum modulated by task events? Here we will determine if there is a change in coherence between approach to the reward site and reward receipt. This entails estimating the coherence spectrum for two different task epochs, both aligned to the time at which the rat nosepoked in the reward well. FieldTrip is ideal for this, especially because we will be doing the same operations on multiple LFPs.

First, let's load the data. In your path shortcut, remember to add the FieldTrip path first, and then the lab codebase path, and also do a git pull.

cfg.fc = cat(2,ExpKeys.goodGamma(1:2),ExpKeys.goodTheta(1));
data = ft_read_neuralynx_interp(cfg.fc);
data.label = {'vStr1','vStr2','HC'};

We will segment the data into trials using a “trialfun”, a function that conforms to a specific FieldTrip output format (see the manual) when extracting task-specific timestamps. For this data set (see the paper for the details), the timestamps of interest are the times our subject (rat) noespoked into the reward receptacles, in anticipation of receiving a number of pellets.

%% trialify
data.hdr.Fs = data.fsample;
cfg = [];
cfg.trialfun = 'ft_trialfun_lineartracktone2';
cfg.trialdef.hdr = data.hdr;
cfg.trialdef.pre = 2.5; = 5; % define time window of interest
cfg.trialdef.eventtype = 'nosepoke'; % could be 'nosepoke', 'reward', 'cue'; this and what follows are all task-specific
cfg.trialdef.location = 'both'; % could be 'left', 'right', 'both'
cfg.trialdef.block = 'both'; % could be 'value', 'risk', 'both'
cfg.trialdef.cue = {'c1','c3','c5'}; % cell array with choice of elements {'c1','c3','c5','lo','hi'} (1, 3, 5 pellets; low and high risk)
[trl, event] = ft_trialfun_lineartracktone2(cfg);
cfg.trl = trl;
data_trl = ft_redefinetrial(cfg,data);

Next, we compute the trial-averaged cross-spectrum; note the similarity to the code used for computing spectrograms in a previous module – we have changed cfg.output from 'pow' to 'powandcsd' (csd is for for cross-spectral density):

cfg              = [];
cfg.output       = 'powandcsd';
cfg.method       = 'mtmconvol';
cfg.taper        = 'hanning';
cfg.foi          = 1:1:100; % frequencies to use
cfg.t_ftimwin    = 20./cfg.foi;  % frequency-dependent, 20 cycles per time window
cfg.keeptrials   = 'yes';      = {'vStr1', 'vStr2', 'HC1'};
cfg.channelcmb   = {'vStr2', 'HC1'; 'vStr2', 'vStr1'}; % channel pairs to compute csd for

cfg.toi          = -2:0.05:0; % pre-nosepoke baseline (time 0 is time of nosepoke)

TFR_pre = ft_freqanalysis(cfg, data_trl);

Now we can compute the coherence from the cross-spectrum and the indvidual spectra:

cfg            = [];
cfg.method     = 'coh'; % compute coherence; other measures of connectivity are also available
fd             = ft_connectivityanalysis(cfg,TFR_pre);

And finally plot the results – for this we are bypassing ft's built-in plotter so that we can add some custom touches more easily:

cols = 'rgb';
for iCmb = 1:size(fd.labelcmb,1)
    lbl{iCmb} = cat(2,fd.labelcmb{iCmb,1},'-',fd.labelcmb{iCmb,2});
    temp = nanmean(sq(fd.cohspctrm(iCmb,:,:)),2);
    h(iCmb) = plot(fd.freq,temp,cols(iCmb));
    hold on;

☛ The resulting coherence spectra are for the pre-nosepoke period (see cfg.toi in the frequency analysis step above). Also compute the coherence spectrum for the post-nosepoke period (0 to 2 seconds).

As you will see, a few differences in the HC-vStr coherence between the two windows are visible, such as the elevated 15Hz coherence during reward approach. To get a sense of where this may be coming from (artifact or biological? a single trial or reliable?) it would be helpful to plot the raw LFPs aligned to the nosepoke time; of course, more sessions would need to be analyzed as well to obtain errorbars on the data.

Notice that in our trial selection, we included trials on which 1 food pellet, 3 food pellets, and 5 food pellets were all included together (cfg.trialdef.cue = {'c1','c3','c5'};).

☛ Compare the coherence spectra for the 1-pellet and 5-pellet trials. What do you notice?

Time-frequency coherence analysis

A limitation of the coherence analyses up to this point has been that, like Welch's PSD, they have been averages. Just like the spectrogram provided a time-frequency view of signal power, we can attempt to compute a coherogram, coherence as a function of time and frequency.

In fact, the previous steps in FieldTrip already did this, so we can plot it (note, this is the “post-nosepoke” epoch):

iC = 1; % which signal pair to plot
lbl = [fd.labelcmb{1,:}]; % get the label of this pair
imagesc(fd.time,fd.freq,sq(fd.cohspctrm(iC,:,:))); axis xy; colorbar
xlabel('time (s)'); ylabel('Frequency (Hz)'); title(lbl);

You should get:

As you can see, the coherence at higher frequencies in particular looks very noisy. These “spurious” high coherence bins commonly show up when estimating coherence, typically when one or both signals have little power in certain frequencies.

☛ Change the time window to a fixed 1s. How does the coherogram change?

We can improve the robustness of our estimate by giving up some time resolution. Of course, averaging over more trials is another approach; other spectral estimation methods such as wavelets can also improve things (if you are interested in this, there is a nice MATLAB tutorial on wavelet coherence here).

Beyond coherence

Coherence is only one of many measures that attempt to characterize the relationship between LFPs. A glance at the documentation for ft_connectivityanalysis() reveals a who's who of popular neuroscience tools for assessing functional connectivity. A review of these methods is beyond the scope of this module, but in general they address some of the limitations of the coherence measure. For instance:

  • Phase slope index (PSI), Granger causality, and partial directed coherence (PDC) are directional measures that under certain circumstances can capture the direction of the flow of information between two signals. We will discuss a few of these in this module, below.
  • Weighted phase lag index (WPLI) can exclude contributions from a volume-conducted source common to both signals
  • Pairwise phase consistency (PPC) addresses some statistical issues of how coherence estimates are affected by the amount of data

For an illustration of how these improved methods can give a more reliable estimate of interactions than coherence, let's give pairwise phase consistency a try:

cfg            = [];
cfg.method     = 'ppc';
fd             = ft_connectivityanalysis(cfg,TFR_post);

☛ Plot the coherogram as above, changing cohspectrm to ppcspctrm in the plotting code. You should get (again for the post-nosepoke epoch):

Note that some of the spurious high-frequency events have now been eliminated. In general, however, estimates of coherence and other connectivity measures require relatively large amounts of data to obtain – more than the small number of trials from one single session considered here.

Amplitude cross-correlation

As should be clear from the discussion of coherence so far, it is a non-directional measure – it doesn't address whether signal A leads or lags signal B. There are many methods out there that can be used to address this directionality question. One that you already have the tools to perform is computing the amplitude cross-correlation between two signals, filtered in a specific frequency band. Looking at the lower left panel in the figure at the top of the page, you can see that the amplitude envelope (red line) is clearly correlated between the two signals. Computing the cross-correlation would establish at what time lead (or lag) that correlation is maximal; a peak offset from zero would indicate a specific temporal asymmetry suggesting one signal leads the other.

We will not cover this method in detail here since you already know how to compute amplitude envelopes and cross-correlations; however, if you'd like to delve more into this, example code that performs this analysis, including a very nice shuffling procedure to determine chance level, can be found on the vandermeerlab papers repository here. A recent paper introducing the method is Adhikari et al. (2010).

Granger causality: introduction

The concept of Granger causality ( Granger 1969) is simple: if a signal $X$ “Granger-causes” signal $Y$, then knowing the value of $X$ improves your ability to predict $Y$ beyond what can be predicted from the history of $Y$ alone (see also Seth 2007). Thus, Granger-causality is inferred based on the relative fits of statistical models applied to time series data.

More mathematically:

\[ M_1: Y(t) = \sum_{l = 1}^{L} a_l Y(t-l) + \epsilon_1 \\ M_2: Y(t) = \sum_{l = 1}^{L} a'_l Y(t-l) + b'_l X(t-l) + \epsilon_2 \]

If $M_2$ provides a better fit to the data (best predicts the value of $Y(t)$) then $X$ is said to Granger-cause $Y$. The parameter $L$ indicates the number of samples into the past that are included in the model; as was the case in our discussion of filters, the order of the model refers to how many past samples are included (i.e. the value of $L$).

In general, the above models $M$ are examples of autoregressive (AR) models: the dependent variable $Y(t)$ is regressed against linear combinations of past values of that variable itself, where the coefficients $a$ and $b$ can be thought of as the regression coefficients or weights of each past value. You may also encounter the term vector autoregressive (VAR) models, this is simply the multivariate extension of AR models. $M_2$ above is a VAR model since it has two variables. There is a large literature on (V)AR models, since it is a major tool in forecasting of all sorts of things ranging from the stock market to the weather.

Generating artificial data

To explore how to fit AR models to data, it's a good idea to start with some artificial data of which we know the structure. Earlier in this module we did so “by hand”, but here we will use FieldTrip's useful ft_connectivitysimulation():

cfg             = [];
cfg.ntrials     = 1000;
cfg.triallength = 5; % in seconds
cfg.fsample     = 1000;
cfg.nsignal     = 2; % two signals, X and Y, which start out as identical white noise
cfg.method      = 'linear_mix';
cfg.mix         = [0; 0]; % multiply white noise for X and Y by this
cfg.delay       = [0; 0]; % Y is n samples delayed relative to X (both 0)
cfg.bpfilter    = 'no';
cfg.absnoise    = 1; % add independent noise to both signals, so now X and Y should be independent
data            = ft_connectivitysimulation(cfg);
data.label      = {'X','Y'};

The above code generates 1000 trials of 5 seconds each of independent white noise for two signals $X$ and $Y$. We do so in a somewhat roundabout way, by first setting the common signal in A and B to zero for each (cfg.mix = [0; 0]) and then adding independent noise of amplitude 1 to each (cfg.absnoise = 1). Why this is so will become clear later when we generate more interesting combinations of signals.

☛ Verify that indeed the two signals X and Y are uncorrelated, as one would expect from independently generated white noise. One way to do so is to compute a correlation coefficient for each trial and plot the distribution of resulting correlation coefficients (use corrcoef()).

Next, we can fit our AR model:

cfg_ar         = [];
cfg_ar.order   = 3;
cfg_ar.toolbox = 'bsmart';
mdata          = ft_mvaranalysis(cfg_ar, data);

Note the order parameter, which specifies how far back to estimate coefficients for (the $L$ parameter in the equations above). Although this is FieldTrip code, it uses the BSMART toolbox under the hood to fit the model. The ft_mvaranalysis() function has some useful options we aren't using right now, such as the ability to estimate errorbars with the jackknife option. This takes a long time, however, so we don't do this now.

What we are interested in are the coefficients $a$ and %b%, i.e. the extent that we can predict each signal separately based on its own past, and then how much that prediction can be improved by knowledge of the other signal.

To plot these coefficients, we can do:

figure; subplot(221)
labels = {'X->X','X->Y';'Y->X','Y->Y'}; cols = 'rgbc';
nP = 0;
for iI = 1:cfg.nsignal   
    for iJ = 1:cfg.nsignal
        nP = nP + 1;
        h(nP) = plot(1:cfg_ar.order,sq(mdata.coeffs(iI,iJ,:)),cols(nP));
        hold on;
set(gca,'FontSize',18,'LineWidth',1); box off;
xlabel('lag (samples)'); ylabel('coefficient');
title('cfg.delay = [0; 0];');

You should see that the coefficient values are very small (on the order of $10^{-4}$). This is what we expect from signals that we know to be uncorrelated; these values should not be statistically different from zero, which would mean that we cannot predict anything about our signal based on its past – the definition of white noise!

Let's now create some signals that do have some structure:

cfg.mix         = [0.8; 0.8]; % X and Y are identical white noise with amplitude 0.8
cfg.absnoise    = 0.2; % add amplitude 0.2 *independent* noise
cfg.delay       = [0; 2]; % advance Y 2 samples relative to X
data            = ft_connectivitysimulation(cfg);
data.label      = {'X','Y'};

☛ Fit the VAR model again, and plot the coefficients in the next subplot. You should get something like:

Note how for the delay case, we correctly estimate that X can be predicted from Y, at the expected delay of 2 samples.

Granger causality: caveats

Phase-slope index


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Acrylic PMMA Sheet, 2021/07/05 17:11

Acrylic PMMA Sheet

Auto Ignition System, 2021/07/05 19:16

Auto Ignition System

3 Inch Submersible Pumps, 2021/07/06 11:53

3 Inch Submersible Pumps

AV SEXY, 2021/07/06 13:55


日本AV性爱电影, 2021/07/06 15:58

sexy girls

Flexible Thin Film Switch Panel, 2021/07/06 19:03

Flexible Thin Film Switch Panel

Frozen Mixed Berries, 2021/07/07 03:36

Frozen Mixed Berries

Featured, 2021/07/07 07:15


Quick Load Pump Head, 2021/07/07 11:31

Quick Load Pump Head

Aircraft Cup, 2021/07/07 17:46

Aircraft Cup

Large Kitchen Trash Can, 2021/07/07 19:49

Large Kitchen Trash Can

Galaxy Tab A6 Case, 2021/07/08 15:36

Galaxy Tab A6 Case

2019 Brand New Professional Automatic Small Cereal Bar Making Machine Oatmeal Machine, 2021/07/08 17:39

2019 Brand New Professional Automatic Small Cereal Bar Making Machine Oatmeal Machine

395nm Led Uv Tube Light, 2021/07/08 19:43

395nm Led Uv Tube Light

Glass On Door Handle, 2021/07/08 23:11

Glass On Door Handle

45lb Barbell, 2021/07/09 01:59

45lb Barbell

日本AV性爱电影, 2021/07/09 11:13


2554-06-5, 2021/07/09 13:15


Alpha Lipoic Acid, 2021/07/09 15:18

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Small Tig Welder, 2021/07/10 11:03

Small Tig Welder

industrial sic oven heater Element, 2021/07/10 13:12

industrial sic oven heater Element

3d Printed Armor, 2021/07/10 15:23

3d Printed Armor

Personlised Mobile Ecg Machine, 2021/07/10 19:31

Personlised Mobile Ecg Machine

4kw fiber laser, 2021/07/11 03:56

4kw fiber laser

Cool Whisky Glasses Supplier, 2021/07/11 09:27

Cool Whisky Glasses

20 Inch Electric Stove Stainless Steel Supplier, 2021/07/11 15:49

20 Inch Electric Stove Stainless Steel

Dslr Camera Light, 2021/07/12 11:04

Dslr Camera Light

Can Tab Stock, 2021/07/12 15:16

Can Tab Stock

Adult Pull Ups, 2021/07/12 17:21

Adult Pull Ups

Buy Slotted Angle, 2021/07/12 21:40

Buy Slotted Angle

Organic Liquid Fertilizer, 2021/07/13 01:12

Organic Liquid Fertilizer

4 Ounce Glass Spray Bottles, 2021/07/13 03:51

4 Ounce Glass Spray Bottles

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear, 2021/07/13 07:24

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, 2021/07/13 09:30

Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Linan Chuangxiang Cable Co., Ltd., 2021/07/13 11:35

Linan Chuangxiang Cable Co., Ltd.

Man Hat, 2021/07/13 13:44

Man Hat

Pallet Machine, 2021/07/13 15:52

Pallet Machine

Floor Fitting Price, 2021/07/13 17:59

Floor Fitting Price

Solar Power Grid Tie Inverter, 2021/07/13 23:51

Solar Power Grid Tie Inverter

Tomato Paste Cost, 2021/07/14 09:36

Tomato Paste Cost

Alibaba Dropshipping Service, 2021/07/14 11:44

Alibaba Dropshipping Service

Automatic Pet Laser Toy, 2021/07/14 13:50

Automatic Pet Laser Toy

Conveyor Pole, 2021/07/14 17:01

Conveyor Pole

Disposable Surgical Use Isolation Gown, 2021/07/14 21:15

Disposable Surgical Use Isolation Gown

CE Certification Used Blow Molding Machine Price, 2021/07/15 13:45

CE Certification Used Blow Molding Machine Price

Chicken Coop Hexagonal Mesh, 2021/07/16 03:51

Chicken Coop Hexagonal Mesh

Electric Chipping Hammer, 2021/07/16 11:22

Electric Chipping Hammer

Cleaning Green Beans, 2021/07/16 13:32

Cleaning Green Beans

Beverage In A Pear Shaped Bottle, 2021/07/16 15:39

Beverage In A Pear Shaped Bottle

Cotton T-Shirt, 2021/07/16 17:47

Cotton T-Shirt

Screw Price, 2021/07/16 19:55

Screw Price

Chute Conveyor, 2021/07/17 01:49

Chute Conveyor

Air Filter For Moto Honda Xre 190, 2021/07/17 05:24

Air Filter For Moto Honda Xre 190

Hydraulic Tilting Device, 2021/07/17 07:46

Hydraulic Tilting Device

Artificial Turf Lawn Cost, 2021/07/17 11:57

Artificial Turf Lawn Cost

Exterior Architectural Rendering, 2021/07/17 15:09

Exterior Architectural Rendering

304 Stainless Steel Rectangular Pipe, 2021/07/17 17:25

304 Stainless Steel Rectangular Pipe

Inorganic Painting, 2021/07/17 21:56

Inorganic Painting

Sheet Making Machine, 2021/07/18 03:41

Sheet Making Machine

Bamboo Mug Tree, 2021/07/18 15:05

Bamboo Mug Tree

Hair Digital Microscope, 2021/07/18 19:42

Hair Digital Microscope

Flame Retardent Series, 2021/07/19 11:14

Flame Retardent Series

High Temperature Silicone Rubber Price, 2021/07/19 15:47

High Temperature Silicone Rubber Price

Bling Bling Girls Party Dresses, 2021/07/19 17:57

Bling Bling Girls Party Dresses

Bottling And Capping Machine, 2021/07/20 03:22

Bottling And Capping Machine

Ball Screw 20mm, 2021/07/20 11:34

Ball Screw 20mm

Baby Pull Up Pants Packaging Machine, 2021/07/20 18:01

Baby Pull Up Pants Packaging Machine

Coating & Patching Mixture Series, 2021/07/21 11:55

Coating & Patching Mixture Series

5 Folding Umbrella, 2021/07/21 19:04

5 Folding Umbrella

Sea Water Filtration, 2021/07/22 09:49

Sea Water Filtration

Plant Led Grow Light, 2021/07/22 19:38

Plant Led Grow Light

Best Hyaluronic Filler, 2021/07/23 03:20

Best Hyaluronic Filler

Battery Powered Lawn Sprayer, 2021/07/23 09:40

Battery Powered Lawn Sprayer

Fiat Filter, 2021/07/23 13:38

Fiat Filter

Heat Scanner Camera, 2021/07/24 05:58

Heat Scanner Camera

Blow Dry Comb, 2021/07/24 09:57

Blow Dry Comb

Quick Release Leather Strap, 2021/07/24 13:29

Quick Release Leather Strap

日本性爱直播, 2021/07/25 01:19


2999-46-4, 2021/07/25 11:23


Portable Lux Meter, 2021/07/25 15:05

Portable Lux Meter

375 Ml Wine, 2021/07/25 17:38

375 Ml Wine

Baseball Shirt Custom, 2021/07/26 01:54

Baseball Shirt Custom

Outdoor Dining Benches Factory, 2021/07/26 07:31

Outdoor Dining Benches Factory

Ups Power Switch, 2021/07/26 11:26

Ups Power Switch

Line Check Valve, 2021/07/26 17:25

Line Check Valve

Crusher Wear Parts, 2021/07/26 19:48

Crusher Wear Parts

Scaffolding steel pipe, 2021/07/27 09:27

Scaffolding steel pipe

Compact Drill Set Supplier, 2021/07/28 01:24

Compact Drill Set

Industrial Fibc Air Washer, 2021/07/28 09:37

Industrial Fibc Air Washer

Antibacterial Toilet Wipes, 2021/07/28 11:58

Antibacterial Toilet Wipes Supplier

Landscaping Turf Grass Cost Supplier, 2021/07/28 17:38

Landscaping Turf Grass Cost Supplier

Surface Mount Technology (Smt) Equipment Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2027 – Splash Radio Wales, 2021/07/29 05:57

Surface Mount Technology (Smt) Equipment Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2027 – Splash Radio Wales

Clear Plastic Door Curtains, 2021/07/29 12:00

Clear Plastic Door Curtains

Bitter Almond Kernels, 2021/07/29 15:29

Bitter Almond Kernels

Substituting Powdered Ginger For Fresh, 2021/07/29 21:25

Substituting Powdered Ginger For Fresh

Infrared Thermometer, 2021/07/30 11:06

Infrared Thermometer

Handheld Detection System, 2021/07/30 13:28

Handheld Detection System

2nd Stage Pe Foam, 2021/07/30 15:48

2nd Stage Pe Foam

Click Lock Vinyl Plank Flooring, 2021/07/30 21:58

Click Lock Vinyl Plank Flooring

Chemical Delivery Hose, 2021/07/31 03:30

Chemical Delivery Hose

Cnc Milling Brass, 2021/07/31 17:45

Cnc Milling Brass

Portable Hepa Vacuum Cleaner, 2021/07/31 19:47

Portable Hepa Vacuum Cleaner

High Mixer, 2021/07/31 22:02

High Mixer

Grape Seed Oil Price, 2021/08/01 01:19

Grape Seed Oil Price

Newborn Colorful Baby Clothing, 2021/08/01 07:24

Newborn Colorful Baby Clothing

Cryogenic Spiral Freezers For Potatoes, 2021/08/01 17:29

Cryogenic Spiral Freezers For Potatoes

Cattle Feed Formulation, 2021/08/01 19:51

Cattle Feed Formulation

Flour Bag Sack 25kg, 2021/08/01 23:53

Flour Bag Sack 25kg

One Piece Picainny Rail Aluminum Base, 2021/08/02 05:20

One Piece Picainny Rail Aluminum Base

carbon fiber wheelchair, 2021/08/02 09:21

carbon fiber wheelchair

Digital Smart Board, 2021/08/02 11:56

Digital Smart Board

4G cellphone, 2021/08/03 02:02

4G cellphone

Mini Rg59 Coaxial Cable 5c 2v 75 Ohm, 2021/08/03 07:18

Mini Rg59 Coaxial Cable 5c 2v 75 Ohm

Off Grid Micro Inverter, 2021/08/03 13:29

Off Grid Micro Inverter

Essential oil bottle, 2021/08/04 08:00

Essential oil bottle

black steel pipe for water, 2021/08/04 11:34

black steel pipe for water

Chin Hing Metal Sheet Fabrication, 2021/08/04 15:01

Chin Hing Metal Sheet Fabrication

Housing Filter, 2021/08/05 11:24

Housing Filter

Ce0598, 2021/08/05 17:14


1077-28-7, 2021/08/06 11:36


Nails Making Machine, 2021/08/06 13:54

Nails Making Machine

Control Of Single Acting Cylinder, 2021/08/06 17:14

Control Of Single Acting Cylinder

Arise Precision Casting, 2021/08/06 19:38

Arise Precision Casting

Pen Cartoner, 2021/08/08 11:21

Pen Cartoner

China China Manufacturer Outdoor 33kv Auto Recloser Best Price, 2021/08/09 13:04

China Manufacturer Outdoor 33kv Auto Recloser Best Price Supplier

Featured, 2021/08/10 09:51


Baby Portable Foldable Crib Supplier, 2021/08/10 13:05

Baby Portable Foldable Crib

Storage System, 2021/08/10 15:12

Storage System

China Textile Water Vapor Transmission Rate, 2021/08/10 17:23

China Textile Water Vapor Transmission Rate

Matte Mica Powder, 2021/08/11 09:18

Matte Mica Powder

Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl 10%WP 75%WDG, 2021/08/11 12:00

Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl 10%WP 75%WDG

Nissan U Bolt, 2021/08/13 13:05

Nissan U Bolt

Karaoke Disc Player, 2021/08/14 09:21

Karaoke Disc Player

Haining Mingyang Solar Technology Co., Ltd., 2021/08/14 12:51

Haining Mingyang Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Fire Fighting Blanket, 2021/08/14 13:53

Fire Fighting Blanket

Home Reed Diffuser Price, 2021/08/14 17:05

Home Reed Diffuser Price

Cargo Scanner Machine, 2021/08/15 09:05

Cargo Scanner Machine

cosmetics pouch bag, 2021/08/15 11:23

cosmetics pouch bag

Landscape Flood Light, 2021/08/15 13:43

Landscape Flood Light

3050 Co2 Laser Engraver, 2021/08/15 16:01

3050 Co2 Laser Engraver

Colored Pvc Boards, 2021/08/15 19:20

Colored Pvc Boards

5 Pin Relay, 2021/08/16 11:13

5 Pin Relay

Curing Light, 2021/08/16 15:55

Curing Light

Air Handling Unit, 2021/08/16 19:21

Air Handling Unit

Amazon Pillows, 2021/08/17 01:41

Amazon Pillows

6x6 Reinforcing Welded Wire Mesh, 2021/08/17 08:02

6×6 Reinforcing Welded Wire Mesh

Cool Pants, 2021/08/17 15:33

Cool Pants

10mm Drill Bit, 2021/08/17 17:42

10mm Drill Bit

Anti-Uv Blue Sticky Mat Esd Cleanroom Mat, 2021/08/17 19:59

Anti-Uv Blue Sticky Mat Esd Cleanroom Mat

Electrical Switch Box, 2021/08/17 23:46

Electrical Switch Box

elephant hoist, 2021/08/18 07:18

elephant hoist

Underpad Medical, 2021/08/18 09:37

Underpad Medical

Anti-Collision Systems, 2021/08/18 13:54

Anti-Collision Systems

Car Roof Container, 2021/08/18 16:00

Car Roof Container

Masonry Eye Bolt, 2021/08/18 19:08

Masonry Eye Bolt

3d Animation Quotation Sample, 2021/08/18 21:41

3d Animation Quotation Sample

Comie Motorcycle Tour Tail Box, 2021/08/19 09:06

Comie Motorcycle Tour Tail Box

Multi-cryolipolysis slimming machine, 2021/08/19 11:13

Multi-cryolipolysis slimming machine

Best Microfiber, 2021/08/19 13:18

Best Microfiber

Essential Sweatshirt, 2021/08/19 17:37

Essential Sweatshirt

ACS580-01-07A3-4, 2021/08/20 05:50


Desk Office, 2021/08/20 13:23

Desk Office

Crawler Crane Parts, 2021/08/20 15:31

Crawler Crane Parts

Eec Coc Electric Mope Vehicle, 2021/08/20 17:39

Eec Coc Electric Mope Vehicle

3d Model Rendering, 2021/08/20 23:14

3d Model Rendering

Off Road Helmet, 2021/08/21 07:45

Off Road Helmet

5 Hydroxytryptophan Uses, 2021/08/21 13:02

5 Hydroxytryptophan Uses

China 304 Stainless Hard Wire 1.6mm, 2021/08/21 17:16

China 304 Stainless Hard Wire 1.6mm

Oil Free Air Pump, 2021/08/22 05:57

Oil Free Air Pump

Blank Polyester Socks, 2021/08/22 09:12

Blank Polyester Socks

China Hydraulic Power Pack, 2021/08/22 13:37

China Hydraulic Power Pack

Toddler Mattress Cover, 2021/08/22 15:48

Toddler Mattress Cover

Single Open Width, 2021/08/23 00:00

Single Open Width

2 Inch Hole Saw For Wood, 2021/08/23 03:44

2 Inch Hole Saw For Wood

Fireworks Colors, 2021/08/23 09:48

Fireworks Colors

Web Camera Webcam, 2021/08/23 15:09

Web Camera Webcam

Butyl Rubber Glue, 2021/08/23 19:33

Butyl Rubber Glue

Best Compressible Sleeping Bag, 2021/08/23 23:08

Best Compressible Sleeping Bag

Neon Custom Lights, 2021/08/24 05:39

Neon Custom Lights

Book Cover Tab S6, 2021/08/24 11:20

Book Cover Tab S6

China Automatic 3D Chocolate Depositing Line Chocolate Manufacturing Machine, 2021/08/24 13:31

China Automatic 3D Chocolate Depositing Line Chocolate Manufacturing Machine

Cage Guided Control Valve, 2021/08/24 15:40

Cage Guided Control Valve

Oneplus Screen Guard, 2021/08/24 17:49

Oneplus Screen Guard

580-16-5, 2021/08/25 09:30


Diy Camera System, 2021/08/25 13:54

Diy Camera System

Conical Twin Screw Extruder Pvc, 2021/08/25 17:02

Conical Twin Screw Extruder Pvc

Base Layer Top, 2021/08/25 19:12

Base Layer Top

8 Oz Glass Jars With Lids, 2021/08/26 05:28

8 Oz Glass Jars With Lids

China 100% Polyester Vest and Hivis Vest price, 2021/08/26 11:20

China 100% Polyester Vest and Hivis Vest price

Dental Zirconia Block For Cad Cam, 2021/08/26 13:30

Dental Zirconia Block For Cad Cam

Girls Fluffy Slippers, 2021/08/26 15:45

Girls Fluffy Slippers

Plastic Wall Panel, 2021/08/26 17:53

Plastic Wall Panel

China Wholesale Glycine Medication Manufacturers, 2021/08/27 08:01

China Wholesale Glycine Medication Manufacturers

2017 Factory Expansive Mortar Production Price, 2021/08/27 11:07

2017 Factory Expansive Mortar Production Price

Jet Tag, 2021/08/27 13:30

Jet Tag

Polo Shirt, 2021/08/27 15:46

Polo Shirt

Black Cable Knit Cardigan, 2021/08/27 21:20

Black Cable Knit Cardigan

Laser Land Leveler For Tractor, 2021/08/28 00:01

Laser Land Leveler For Tractor

Powder Granulator, 2021/08/28 09:43

Powder Granulator

Crossbody Hobo Bag, 2021/08/28 13:07

Crossbody Hobo Bag

Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment, 2021/08/28 15:39

Indoor Jungle Gym Equipment

LED License Plate Light, 2021/08/28 19:13

LED License Plate Light

Aluminium Foil Pouch Making Machine, 2021/08/28 21:37

Aluminium Foil Pouch Making Machine

Router Machine, 2021/08/29 03:43

Router Machine

Lug Style Butterfly Valve, 2021/08/29 10:00

Lug Style Butterfly Valve

Mold In Closet On Shoes, 2021/08/29 13:29

Mold In Closet On Shoes

3.0MM Yellow Discrete, 2021/08/29 15:54

3.0MM Yellow Discrete

Iron Pipe Flange, 2021/08/29 19:15

Iron Pipe Flange

3 Wheels Children Scooter Kids Mini Baby Scooter, 2021/08/29 23:07

3 Wheels Children Scooter Kids Mini Baby Scooter

Cass No. 99-75-2, 2021/08/30 13:45

Cass No. 99-75-2

deluxe porta potty, 2021/08/31 13:07

deluxe porta potty

Guestbook, 2021/08/31 17:09


25lbs Mesh Bag, 2021/09/01 11:39

25lbs Mesh Bag

Cashew Crunch, 2021/09/01 15:31

Cashew Crunch

asian style toilet seats, 2021/09/02 02:00

asian style toilet seats

Water Sprinkler, 2021/09/02 09:30

Water Sprinkler

water conserving restroom, 2021/09/03 17:05

water conserving restroom

High-Speed Busbar Processing Machine, 2021/09/03 21:09

High-Speed Busbar Processing Machine

Mid Nasal Swab, 2021/09/04 09:13

Mid Nasal Swab

スーパーコピーブランド通販専門店全てのコピー品通販, 2021/09/04 15:45

1,2-Benzenedicarbonitrile,4-Nitro スーパーコピーブランド通販専門店全てのコピー品通販

ルイヴィトンスーパーコピー財布, 2021/09/04 19:45

Electrical Wire Lugs 韓国コピーブランド税関スーパーコピーブランド人気

Hermesエルメス財布スーパーコピー, 2021/09/05 13:59

Rotomoulding Slop Tank Mold Hermesエルメス財布スーパーコピー

4-Chloro-N-Methylpicolinamide, 2021/09/05 20:00

Chanelシャネルネックレススーパーコピー 4-Chloro-N-Methylpicolinamide

LouisVuittonルイヴィトン財布スーパーコピー, 2021/09/06 03:06

Free Chlorine Instrument LouisVuittonルイヴィトン財布スーパーコピー

vacuum squatting toilet, 2021/09/06 11:37

LouisVuittonルイヴィトン帽子スーパーコピー vacuum squatting toilet

Bookstore Fixtures, 2021/09/06 17:37

LouisVuittonルイヴィトンサングラススーパーコピー Bookstore Fixtures

Pradaプラダ財布スーパーコピー, 2021/09/07 15:06

Ankle Splint Pradaプラダ財布スーパーコピー

LouisVuittonルイヴィトン指輪スーパーコピー, 2021/09/07 19:57

Automatic snack tamale maker LouisVuittonルイヴィトン指輪スーパーコピー

Gucciグッチイヤリングスーパーコピー, 2021/09/08 17:46

Reishi Spore Powder Gucciグッチイヤリングスーパーコピー

Automotive Stamping, 2021/09/09 09:23

Chanelシャネルサングラススーパーコピー Automotive Stamping

Magnetic Curtain Wide, 2021/09/09 15:23

Hermesエルメス指輪販売店 Magnetic Curtain Wide

LouisVuittonルイヴィトンスマホケーススーパーコピー, 2021/09/09 17:51

Polio Blade Laryngoscope LouisVuittonルイヴィトンスマホケーススーパーコピー

Paneraiパネライ時計販売店, 2021/09/10 09:46

Laboratory Washing Disinfector With Drying Paneraiパネライ時計販売店

50ml Foam Pump Bottle, 2021/09/10 15:44

LouisVuittonルイヴィトンバッグコピー 50ml Foam Pump Bottle

DIORディオール指輪販売店, 2021/09/11 09:58

2 DIORディオール指輪販売店

ブランドTiffanyティファニーネックレスコピー代引き, 2021/09/11 17:01

Dozer Crawler ブランドTiffanyティファニーネックレスコピー代引き

LouisVuittonルイヴィトン財布コピー, 2021/09/11 19:43

Bride Lace The Lace Trimming For Hometextile LouisVuittonルイヴィトン財布コピー

Baby Carpet Mat, 2021/09/12 01:15

ブランドMCMエムシーエム財布コピー代引き Baby Carpet Mat

Rolexロレックス時計スーパーコピー, 2021/09/12 07:02

Aluminium Extrusion Linear Rail Rolexロレックス時計スーパーコピー

ブランド財布コピー, 2021/09/12 15:53

Best Sex Toys 2020 ブランド財布コピー

Hand Held Pneumatic Rock Drill, 2021/09/13 11:29

ブランドコピーGoyardゴヤールN級品 Hand Held Pneumatic Rock Drill

Folding Ebike Frame, 2021/09/13 17:51

ブランド財布コピー Folding Ebike Frame

ブランドスマホケースコピー代引き, 2021/09/14 13:35

Delta Trinsic ブランドスマホケースコピー代引き

ChristianLouboutinクリスチャンルブタンブランドコピー代引き, 2021/09/14 17:19

En877 Standard Red Coated Grey Cast Iron Pipe Fittings ChristianLouboutinクリスチャンルブタンブランドコピー代引き

Black And Rattan Mirror, 2021/09/15 11:58

Tiffanyティファニーネックレス販売店 Black And Rattan Mirror

Anti-Cancer, 2021/09/16 15:02

ブランドバッグコピー Anti-Cancer

brand bag, 2021/09/16 17:35

ブランド時計コピー brand bag

625ml Round Lunch Box, 2021/09/17 15:29

ブランド時計コピー 625ml Round Lunch Box

China Disposable Nitrile Gloves and Clinical Supplies price, 2021/09/18 13:22

ブランド財布コピー China Disposable Nitrile Gloves and Clinical Supplies price

Aluminum Cnc Milling Machine Part, 2021/09/18 19:27

ブランドコピー専門店 Aluminum Cnc Milling Machine Part

4 Inch Roof Exhaust Vent, 2021/09/18 23:40

ブランドコピー専門店 4 Inch Roof Exhaust Vent

ブランド財布コピー, 2021/09/19 08:08

cordless brushless Impact drill ブランド時計コピー

コピー時計, 2021/09/19 11:32

All Roads Barricades ブランド時計コピー

ブランドバッグコピー, 2021/09/20 11:17

amusement park electric walking dinosaur sale ブランドコピー代引き

Big Glass Sliding Doors, 2021/09/20 19:59

ブランド財布コピー Big Glass Sliding Doors

Hats, 2021/09/21 01:07

ブランドコピー代引き Hats

スーパーコピーバッグ, 2021/09/21 09:30

Clothesline Clothing ブランド時計コピー

ブランド財布コピー, 2021/09/21 13:12

Bento Container スーパーコピーバッグ

1000 Liter Brew House, 2021/09/21 18:11

スーパーコピーブランド 1000 Liter Brew House

スーパーコピーバッグ, 2021/09/21 19:45

Auger To Drill Holes ブランド財布コピー

ブランド時計コピー, 2021/09/22 01:05

Fiberglass Assembled Roving ブランドコピー専門店

スーパーコピーブランド, 2021/09/22 06:04

Lapped Joint Flange ブランドコピー専門店

スーパーコピーブランド, 2021/09/22 10:00

Biodegradable Milk Packaging コピー時計

スーパーコピーバッグ, 2021/09/22 13:36

Planetary Motor 12v スーパーコピーバッグ

Eco-Friendly Pvc Compounds, 2021/09/22 17:15

最新ブランドスーパーコピー代引き Eco-Friendly Pvc Compounds

ブランド財布コピー, 2021/09/22 19:54

Drip Irrigation India スーパーコピーブランド

RogerVivierロジェ?ヴィヴィエブランドコピー代引き, 2021/09/23 01:28

Long Tube Tralier RogerVivierロジェ?ヴィヴィエブランドコピー代引き

ブランドコピー専門店, 2021/09/23 09:06

Material Lift スーパーコピーブランド

Travel Makeup Wipes, 2021/09/23 15:51

Diorディオールバッグコピー Travel Makeup Wipes

ブランドコピーCartierカルティエN級品, 2021/09/23 23:58

Mining Dispatching Winch ブランドコピーCartierカルティエN級品

ChristianLouboutinクリスチャンルブタン財布コピー, 2021/09/24 09:36

best eye shadow ChristianLouboutinクリスチャンルブタン財布コピー

Backhoe Excavator Loader Mini, 2021/09/24 17:03

ブランドDiorディオールスマホケースコピーN級品 Backhoe Excavator Loader Mini

ブランドChanelシャネル指輪コピーN級品, 2021/09/25 13:20

Filters ブランドChanelシャネル指輪コピーN級品

Balenciagaバレンシアガバッグスーパーコピー, 2021/09/25 15:54

Combination Hammer Balenciagaバレンシアガバッグスーパーコピー

Mine Rock Bolt Stabilizer, 2021/09/25 23:35

ブランド帽子販売店 Mine Rock Bolt Stabilizer

Gym Floor Puzzle Mats, 2021/09/26 05:05

Pradaプラダ靴スーパーコピー Gym Floor Puzzle Mats

スーパーコピーバッグ, 2021/09/26 05:36

Black Chopping Board ブランド財布コピー

Fertilizers Organic, 2021/09/26 09:09

Breitlingブライトリング財布コピー Fertilizers Organic

Burberryバーバリーマフラースーパーコピー, 2021/09/26 11:48

Factory Mezzanine Floors Burberryバーバリーマフラースーパーコピー

Diorディオール財布コピー, 2021/09/26 21:50

Large Fishing Kayak Diorディオール財布コピー

スーパーコピーバッグ, 2021/09/27 11:44

Kids Custom Umbrella ブランド財布コピー

Celineセリーヌ財布販売店, 2021/09/27 15:12

Battery Powered Carriage Celineセリーヌ財布販売店

ブランドBvlgariブルガリ時計コピー代引き, 2021/09/27 21:21

Heat Not Burn Oem ブランドBvlgariブルガリ時計コピー代引き

ブランドコピー専門店, 2021/09/28 07:20

Food Truck Prices スーパーコピーバッグ

Patio Screen Door, 2021/09/28 11:04

ブランドイヤリングコピーN級品 Patio Screen Door

Rolexロレックスブランドコピー代引き, 2021/09/28 13:30

Anavar 50mg Rolexロレックスブランドコピー代引き

Canned Strawberries, 2021/09/28 19:30

LouisVuittonルイヴィトンスマホケーススーパーコピー Canned Strawberries

スーパーコピーバッグ, 2021/09/28 23:47

Apparel ブランド財布コピー

240v Retractable Cable Reel, 2021/09/29 11:17

ブランドDiorディオール靴コピー代引き 240v Retractable Cable Reel

04259311kz Turbocharger, 2021/09/29 15:07

ブランドDiorディオールサングラスコピーN級品 04259311kz Turbocharger

24 Inch Diamond Saw Blade, 2021/09/29 17:58

ブランドコピーSalvatoreFerragamoサルヴァトーレフェラガモN級品 24 Inch Diamond Saw Blade

最新ブランドスーパーコピー代引き, 2021/09/29 23:38

Cool Sports Bras 最新ブランドスーパーコピー代引き

Gucciグッチ帽子スーパーコピー, 2021/09/30 05:35

Safety Lockout Tagout Gucciグッチ帽子スーパーコピー

SaintLaurentサンローラン靴コピー, 2021/09/30 09:58

3 Point Hitch Seeder SaintLaurentサンローラン靴コピー

Gucciグッチ指輪販売店, 2021/09/30 19:56

optical progresiive iot lenses Gucciグッチ指輪販売店

Intelligent Speaker Mesh, 2021/10/01 05:01

Hermesエルメスブレスレットスーパーコピー Intelligent Speaker Mesh

CA70 wholesale, 2021/10/01 07:57

ブランドLouisVuittonルイヴィトンサングラスコピー代引き CA70 wholesale

portaloo toilet, 2021/10/01 11:39

Loeweロエベバッグ販売店 portaloo toilet

LouisVuittonルイヴィトンブレスレットコピー, 2021/10/01 15:35

Loader Joystick Parts LouisVuittonルイヴィトンブレスレットコピー

Side Loader Transport, 2021/10/01 19:12

ブランドバッグコピー Side Loader Transport

Celineセリーヌ財布スーパーコピー, 2021/10/02 01:34

500w Electric Scooter Celineセリーヌ財布スーパーコピー

ブランドChanelシャネルバッグコピー代引き, 2021/10/03 03:47

80w Laser Engraving Machine ブランドChanelシャネルバッグコピー代引き

ブランドコピー代引き, 2021/10/03 07:18

China Geomembrane Welding Machine ブランドコピー代引き

Pradaプラダバッグ販売店, 2021/10/03 11:09

All Electric Truck Refrigeration Supplier Pradaプラダバッグ販売店

Burberryバーバリー帽子販売店, 2021/10/03 15:06

Folding Container House Burberryバーバリー帽子販売店

ブランドCelineセリーヌ財布コピーN級品, 2021/10/03 17:50

Heavy Duty Sump Pump ブランドCelineセリーヌ財布コピーN級品

LouisVuittonルイヴィトンブレスレットスーパーコピー, 2021/10/04 09:27

Laser welded plate ice machine LouisVuittonルイヴィトンブレスレットスーパーコピー

Exhaust Hose Clamp, 2021/10/04 13:13

ブランドコピー代引き Exhaust Hose Clamp

China Aluminum Extrusion 6061 T6, 2021/10/04 15:50

ブランド靴コピーN級品 China Aluminum Extrusion 6061 T6

Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger, 2021/10/04 19:24

Goyardゴヤールバッグコピー Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

Silicone Hose Sizes, 2021/10/05 03:30

LouisVuittonルイヴィトン靴販売店 Silicone Hose Sizes

BottegaVenetaボッテガヴェネタバッグコピー, 2021/10/05 07:21

3ton Forklift BottegaVenetaボッテガヴェネタバッグコピー

Metal Cutting Machine Factory, 2021/10/05 09:58

ブランド財布コピー Metal Cutting Machine Factory

ブランド時計コピー, 2021/10/05 13:35

Electronic Packaging Box Price ブランド財布コピー

Diorディオールサングラス販売店, 2021/10/05 19:43

Glassware Set Diorディオールサングラス販売店

Hengli Eletek Co., Ltd., 2021/10/05 23:40

Balenciagaバレンシアガ帽子販売店 Hengli Eletek Co., Ltd.

Digital Billboard Trailer, 2021/10/06 03:51

Bvlgariブルガリブレスレットスーパーコピー Digital Billboard Trailer

BottegaVenetaボッテガヴェネタコピー激安, 2021/10/06 11:25

Jewelry Gift Watch BottegaVenetaボッテガヴェネタコピー激安

ブランドコピー代引き, 2021/10/06 15:02

Aux cable コピー時計

American Type Hose Clamp, 2021/10/06 21:08

MiuMiuミュウミュウ靴販売店 American Type Hose Clamp

25G WDM SFP28, 2021/10/07 12:00

ブランドコピー代引き 25G WDM SFP28

Bottle Screw Cap Mould, 2021/10/07 19:18

ブランドGucciグッチ靴コピー代引き Bottle Screw Cap Mould

Led Drop Ceiling Lights, 2021/10/07 23:22

ブランドGucciグッチイヤリングコピー代引き Led Drop Ceiling Lights

A106b, 2021/10/08 05:24

ChristianLouboutinクリスチャンルブタン靴コピー A106b

スーパーコピーバッグ, 2021/10/08 09:33

Bluetooth Eyeglasses ブランドコピー専門店

ブランド時計コピー, 2021/10/08 13:16

Deep Drawing Metal Stamping ブランド時計コピー

ブランドコピー代引き, 2021/10/08 15:58

Crankshaft Dial Indicator ブランド財布コピー

12v 22ah Sla Battery, 2021/10/09 15:23

スーパーコピーブランド 12v 22ah Sla Battery

ブランドバッグコピー, 2021/10/09 17:59

Best Diclazuril Powder ブランド財布コピー

ブランドバッグコピー, 2021/10/10 05:29

Automated Rna Extractor ブランドコピー代引き

Bucket Cyclone Dust Collector, 2021/10/10 09:09

スーパーコピーバッグ Bucket Cyclone Dust Collector

Cylindrical Lithium Cells, 2021/10/10 19:26

ブランドバッグコピー Cylindrical Lithium Cells

Agricultural Silicone Additive, 2021/10/10 23:59

コピー時計 Agricultural Silicone Additive

High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings, 2021/10/11 07:16

Evacuation Bag List ブランドバッグコピー High Temperature Resistant Powder Coatings

Different Color Plastic Tissue Embedding Cassette, 2021/10/11 11:18

Charger Battery コピー時計 Different Color Plastic Tissue Embedding Cassette

Sharps Container Medical, 2021/10/11 15:06

Hdpe Pipe 400mm ブランドバッグコピー Sharps Container Medical

American Cars Brake Pad, 2021/10/11 21:53

ブランドバッグコピー HPMC for Mortar American Cars Brake Pad

ブランドコピー代引き, 2021/10/12 03:39

SMTYT1040 Integrated Inductor Plastic Hookah Cup スーパーコピーバッグ

Horizontal Conveyor, 2021/10/12 09:32

Camshaft Position ブランドコピー代引き Horizontal Conveyor

ブランドバッグコピー, 2021/10/12 13:27

Bulk Bags With Discharge Spout 06A906031CE ブランドコピー専門店

Environmental Heat-resisted Tableware and Biopbs Fully Degradable, 2021/10/12 17:05

1220mm 180mm Spc Flooring Manufacturer スーパーコピーバッグ Environmental Heat-resisted Tableware and Biopbs Fully Degradable

Pallet Manufacturers, 2021/10/12 19:51

Flexible Packaging ブランドコピー代引き Pallet Manufacturers

コピー時計, 2021/10/13 01:35

Camera Monitor Aluminum Cnc Machining Part 2HP Air-cooled Stainless Steel Chiller ブランドバッグコピー

Sterile Gauze Pads, 2021/10/13 11:11

Food And Beverage Additives ブランドコピー代引き Sterile Gauze Pads

Pvc Circuit Board, 2021/10/14 13:27

ブランド財布コピー Nairobi Kenya Pvc Circuit Board

ブランドバッグコピー, 2021/10/14 21:57

Peltier 12709 Tungsten-cobalt Alloy Plate ブランドバッグコピー

Dispersing Agents, 2021/10/15 09:15

Vertical Shower Door Seal Strip ブランド財布コピー Dispersing Agents

Modern Bar Stools, 2021/10/15 17:55

ブランドバッグコピー 52226 bearing Modern Bar Stools

Cotton Towels With Custom Embroidery, 2021/10/15 23:09

1.25 Inch Hdpe Pipe ブランドコピー専門店 Cotton Towels With Custom Embroidery

Case Packing Machine, 2021/10/16 11:52

スーパーコピーブランド 6-[(3,5-dibromopyridin-2-yl)hydrazinylidene]-3-(diethylamino)cyclohexa-2,4-dien-1-one Case Packing Machine

Crankshaft Position Sensor 90919-05042 9091905042 029600-1010, 2021/10/16 15:34

Palletizer Machine コピー時計 Crankshaft Position Sensor 90919-05042 9091905042 029600-1010

スーパーコピーブランド, 2021/10/17 17:31

PE Tape Perindoprilatum [Latin] ブランドバッグコピー

ブランド財布コピー, 2021/10/17 21:41

12v Breaker Switch Throttle-Position-Sensor for Nissan スーパーコピーバッグ

ブランド時計コピー, 2021/10/18 11:13

BMW Connector Prison Fence ブランドバッグコピー

Toyota, 2021/10/19 09:48

Flat Bottom Side Gusset Bag Making Machine スーパーコピーブランド Toyota

ブランドバッグコピー, 2021/10/20 17:05

Tarps And Floor Mats Aluminium Sliding Cupboard Doors コピー時計

スーパーコピーバッグ, 2021/10/22 13:40

Simalfa Water Based Adhesive Kitchen Bathroom Plastic Snack Box Basket Storage With Lid ブランド時計コピー

60mm Splice Sleeves, 2021/10/23 09:49

ブランドコピー代引き Hospital Disinfection Ultraviolet Lamp UV Air Sterilizer 60mm Splice Sleeves

Pressure Sensor 0281002405 0281002475 1500bar 500372234 for CITROEN KIA LAND ROVER, 2021/10/24 01:30

Barn Wood Coat Rack ブランド時計コピー Pressure Sensor 0281002405 0281002475 1500bar 500372234 for CITROEN KIA LAND ROVER

Moule empilable en plastique, 2021/10/25 07:13

コピー時計 Flat Pack Laundry Cabinets Moule empilable en plastique

6-benzoxazolamine, 2021/10/25 13:48

スーパーコピーブランド Alternator Belt Snapped 6-benzoxazolamine

metal parts CNC precision machining, 2021/10/25 21:31

Aluminium Sliding Cupboard Doors ブランドコピー専門店 metal parts CNC precision machining

Road Paint, 2021/10/26 04:03

Lock Stitch Sewing Machine ブランドコピー代引き Road Paint

ブランドバッグコピー, 2021/10/26 17:14

Allure Executive Desk Musk Xylene CAS 81-15-2 ブランド財布コピー

CJC1295 without DAC, 2021/10/27 07:45

48609-0D080 ブランド時計コピー CJC1295 without DAC

Automatic Wire Cutting, 2021/10/27 13:15

tbr20 ブランドコピー専門店 Automatic Wire Cutting

ブランドコピー代引き, 2021/10/27 21:51

China Metal Parts 6x Spark Plug 22401-1P116 PFR6G-11 For Nissan Maxima Sentra Infiniti G20 I30 Q45 ブランドコピー専門店

Gas Scooter, 2021/10/28 05:35

ブランド財布コピー Modern light blue glass ceiling lamp for living room Gas Scooter

30 X 60 Acrylic Bathtub, 2021/10/28 09:55

ブランドバッグコピー Plastic injection molding mold 30 X 60 Acrylic Bathtub

Stampi per casse di frutta in plastica, 2021/10/29 15:56

ブランド財布コピー solar powered led street lights Stampi per casse di frutta in plastica

Auto Handle Injection Molds, 2021/10/30 13:27

FG06 SERIES IP65 LED WATERPROOF LAMP コピー時計 Auto Handle Injection Molds

コピー時計, 2021/10/30 17:05

commercial solar light post Polypropylene Packaging Bag ブランド財布コピー

China Grey Vinyl Floor Tiles, 2021/10/30 19:39

4-morpholinylacetic acid ブランドコピー専門店 China Grey Vinyl Floor Tiles

Carbonated Bottling Machine, 2021/10/30 23:20

50850-SWC-E02 ブランド時計コピー Carbonated Bottling Machine

Polymeric, 2021/10/31 15:42


Canaglifozion Intermediates, 2021/10/31 19:22

ブランドコピー専門店 Battery Organizer Storage Canaglifozion Intermediates

90919-02256, 2021/10/31 23:17

Galvanized Steel Gas Pipe ブランドバッグコピー 90919-02256

ブランド時計コピー, 2021/11/01 15:51

Custom Plastic Food Preservation Box Flat Bottom Side Gusset Bag Making Machine ブランドバッグコピー

Black oxide metal part, 2021/11/02 03:17

ブランドコピー専門店 Refrigerant Black oxide metal part

Corrugated hollow sheet, 2021/11/02 09:48

ブランド時計コピー Clear Recycling Sacks Corrugated hollow sheet

スーパーコピーブランド, 2021/11/02 13:22

Wide Arch Rubber Expansion Joint Corrugated Copper Gasket スーパーコピーブランド

Expansion Joint Between Concrete Slabs, 2021/11/02 15:54

Soda Ash CAS 144-55-8 ブランドコピー代引き Expansion Joint Between Concrete Slabs

Cmc Road Marking Machine, 2021/11/02 23:16

コピー時計 12361-31201 Cmc Road Marking Machine

PTFE Coated Bolts, 2021/11/03 13:26

ブランドコピー代引き movable oxygen plant PTFE Coated Bolts

ブランドコピー専門店, 2021/11/03 16:00

Rope Exercise Metal - Sintered Diamond Dicing Blade スーパーコピーバッグ

2-segment recorder for 7 inch truck, 2021/11/03 19:36

スーパーコピーバッグ Designer Pvc Tote Bags 2-segment recorder for 7 inch truck

ブランドコピー代引き, 2021/11/04 11:24

Horizontal Pipe For MPV Vehicle Seat Chemical Trigger Sprayers ブランドコピー専門店

All Dielectric Self Supporting Cable, 2021/11/04 14:01

コピー時計 HYDRAULIC 5N9 90?? ELBOW NPT MALE/NPT FEMALE All Dielectric Self Supporting Cable

Waterproof Laptop With Gray PVC, 2021/11/04 17:37

Plasma Tube Lamp ブランド時計コピー Waterproof Laptop With Gray PVC

875-66-1, 2021/11/05 19:27

ブランド財布コピー Dropshipping Worldwide Brands 875-66-1

Head Gasket For HINO F17C, 2021/11/06 03:14

Cavitation Vacuum Rf ブランドコピー代引き Head Gasket For HINO F17C

Bearing 32011, 2021/11/06 07:06

Filex 4 Drawer File Cabinet ブランドバッグコピー Bearing 32011

dark walnut nightstand, 2021/11/06 09:49

スーパーコピーバッグ GSP FORM A dark walnut nightstand

623142-96-1, 2021/11/06 19:45

Aftermarket Alloy Wheel ブランドコピー代引き 623142-96-1

ブランド財布コピー, 2021/11/07 01:01

6 Kg Graphite Crucible Jewelry Box Packaging コピー時計

Household Laptop Desks with Soft Cushion, 2021/11/08 10:15

ブランドバッグコピー Hardware per barra filettata Household Laptop Desks with Soft Cushion

スーパーコピーバッグ, 2021/11/08 12:56

painted aluminum coil Whiteboard Interactive ブランドコピー専門店

Home Office Furniture, 2021/11/09 16:14

ブランドコピー専門店 Special powder coatings for guardrails Made in China Home Office Furniture

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