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Overview of common functions

Utility functions

Utility functions common to multiple data types

  • restrict(): restricts times in data object (iv, ts, tsd) to specific intervals

Utility functions associated with specific data types

interval (iv)


  • iv(): constructor
  • CheckIV(): check integrity of iv struct
  • SelectIV(): specify intervals to keep

Simple operations:

  • ResizeIV(): expand or contract intervals by specified amount
  • InvertIV(): “flips” included intervals to non-included, and vice versa
  • MergeIV(): merge touching, overlapping, or nearby intervals within an iv struct

Set operations:

  • UnionIV(): set union of iv objects
  • IntersectIV(): set intersect, keep only those iv1's that include a piece of iv2
  • DifferenceIV(): set difference, keep only those iv1's that DO NOT include a piece of iv2

Analysis operations:

  • TSDtoIV(): create interval data from tsd by tresholding
  • MultiRaster(): see below


  • PlotTSDfromIV(): display intervals defined relative to tsd

timestamps ([[ts |]])


Analysis operations:

  • getSpikeCount(): returns spike counts (number of spikes) in a nCells x 1 vector of ts input
  • ShuffleTS(): shuffle spikes in ts struct


  • MultiRaster(): see below

timestamped data (tsd)

tuning curve (tc)

Low-level utility functions

  • nearest_idx3():

Visualization functions

Loading/converting functions

Analysis functions

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