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   * Optional: MATLAB documentation on [[http://​​help/​matlab/​matlab_env/​understanding-file-locations-in-matlab.html|File Locations]] and [[http://​​help/​matlab/​matlab_env/​what-is-the-matlab-search-path.html#​br8ch8o|Search Paths]]   * Optional: MATLAB documentation on [[http://​​help/​matlab/​matlab_env/​understanding-file-locations-in-matlab.html|File Locations]] and [[http://​​help/​matlab/​matlab_env/​what-is-the-matlab-search-path.html#​br8ch8o|Search Paths]]
-**NOTE**: if you are using NS&B lab computers, some or all of the steps below may already have been done. I recommend you read through them anyway, but check if things are already installed or set up before duplicating things! 
 Step-by-step:​ Step-by-step:​
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