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Welcome! This is the home page for the optional hands-on (heads-on) 2016 edition of the “Rhythmic Brain” course.


Getting started with MATLAB

Depending on your background and programming experience you might find the following resources helpful:

If you are unsure, take a look at the table of contents of the MATLAB Primer in the link above. If there are things you don't recognize, use the Primer itself, or Chapter 2 of the MATLAB for Neuroscientists book to get up to speed. If you've never used MATLAB, definitely start with the steps in the Primer.

Regardless of your MATLAB abilities, some great ways to keep learning are:

If you have no formal training in computer programming (i.e. you have never taken a “Intro to Computer Science” or “Introductory Programming” type course) a great introduction to the “Zen of programming” is to do the pen-and-paper exercises in this short chapter by Daniel Dennett (“The Secrets of Computer Power Revealed”) before you embark on the MATLAB primer linked to above. Most people find it frustrating at first, but rewarding if they stick with it for a few hours.


Note for Linux users

The tutorials provided here are set up for machines running 64-bit Windows 7 or Mac OS X. If you want to use Linux or some other OS you will probably need to compile some of the low-level loading functions yourself. Some pointers for this are provided in subsequent modules when loading is introduced.


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