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-The basic phase precession phenomenon is apparent when you look at the timing of place cell spikes relative to the hippocampal theta rhythm: 
-{{ :​guides:​sm_rwc_mvdm_fig1.png?​600 |}} 
-(Figure from Malhotra et al. 2012) Each spike is assigned a color based on the /phase/ of the theta rhythm (a component of the LFP or "local field potential"​) at which it occurs. Note the smooth color change as the animal runs through the place field. 
-An important conceptual step is to extend this idea to what happens in a population of place cells which are all phase precessing: 
-{{ :​guides:​skaggs_mcnaughton_pp.png?​600 |}} 
-(Figure from Skaggs & McNaughton 1996, which is well worth reading) 
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