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2014-08-29: Gurney K, Prescott TJ, Redgrave P. Biol Cybern 2001a/b See page –> jclub:hackathon

Topic: LFP coherence and its application to the striatum

Possible papers:

  • Amygdalar and hippocampal theta rhythm synchronization during fear memory retrieval. Seidenbecher T, Laxmi TR, Stork O, Pape HC. Science. 2003 Aug 8;301(5634):846-50.
  • The nucleus accumbens: a switchboard for goal-directed behaviors. Gruber AJ, Hussain RJ, O'Donnell P. PLoS One. 2009;4(4):e5062

For reference:

Brief overview of connectivity concepts and analysis from fMRI (where these ideas are much better developed):

other possible papers of interest:

  • Tabuchi et al (Hipp, 2000).
  • DeCoteau et al (PNAS 2007).
  • Tort 2008 et al (PNAS 2008).
  • Gutierrez et al (JN 2010).
  • Dzirasa et al (JN 2011).
  • Cohen et al (JN 2009).
  • Cohen et al. (Hum Brain Mapp 2012).

Past Journal Clubs

2013-05-10: decision variables in the ventral striatum
2013-04-26: HC (re)play
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