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Credits and acknowledgments

Welcome! The mixedmetro project is a cooperative venture to explore the racial and ethnic diversity of US metropolitan neighborhoods. It involves researchers in the Departments of Geography at three US academic institutions: the University of Georgia, the University of Washington, and Dartmouth College. The primary individuals involved are Steven Holloway (Georgia), Mark Ellis (Washington), and Richard Wright and Jonathan Chipman (Dartmouth). Murylo Batista, Yvette Garcia, Madeleine Parker, Akikazu Onda, Sandy Wong, Minal Caron, Laura Andreae, and Kevin Mwenda (Dartmouth) along with Michael Wellman (Georgia) also made valuable contributions. Grant support from the National Science Foundation, the Russell Sage Foundation, and the Neukom Institute at Dartmouth College made this site possible.

How to cite this work

To cite the MixedMetro website itself, we recommend the following:
    • Chipman, J.; Wright, R.; Holloway, S.; Ellis, M. (2009/2015), MixedMetro.US: Mapping Diversity and Segregation in the USA, Third edition. Online at www.mixedmetro.us.
To cite our work on MixedMetro's specific research themes, we recommend the following:

A complete list of publications from the MixedMetro project is available on the Publications page.

Software and data sources

The demographic data for this project were derived from tract-level data from the 1990, 2000, and 2010 US censuses. Madeleine Parker developed the overlays for census tracts with high concentrations of immigrants. The ESRI ArcGIS software system was used to preprocess these data and to develop their cartographic symbolization for use on the maps.

The mixedmetro.us website was developed at the Citrin Family GIS / Applied Spatial Analysis Laboratory at Dartmouth College. The interactive mapping tools used on this site are based on Google's Maps API; we would like to thank Google and its employees for providing free access to the API, documentation, and numerous helpful examples. The tile overlays used for rapid multiresolution display of the maps were preprocessed using GMapCreator from UCL-CASA (for the state and metro-area maps), and MapTiler by Klokan Petr Pridal (for the maps of 16 cities with mixed-race household overlays). The transparency controls on the interactive maps were also closely based on Pridal's work. CSS styles for blockquotes were based on the Classy Quotes model here. Finally, aspects of the overall website design were influenced by the work of Sam Batzli at the University of Wisconsin's Space Science & Engineering Center.

As discussed on the photo gallery index page on this site, the photographs shown here were taken by many Flickr users, who chose to make them freely available for use via a Creative Commons license. We thank those individuals and Flickr for providing this service.

The design of this website (exclusive of the photographs, maps, and Google Maps code) is copyright 2008-2016 Dartmouth College.

For inquiries, comments, or suggestions about anything on this website, please contact us using the Comments page. Thanks for visiting.

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